Aunty Jane’s Famous Prawn Cocktail

This is a very special recipe to be given from Aunty Jane. When I think of Aunty Jane, I think of tea, cricket and her prawn cocktail. The story goes that she ate this at a fancy restaurant and was then given the recipe by the chef.

1/2 C mayonnaise

1/2 tsp. curry powder

2-3 Tbspn tomato sauce

1 Tbspn lemon juice

Shake of pepper


Mix and chill for 2 hours

Mix with 1/4 C whipped cream before serving.

Kingfish Poke

We had some delicious poke on our family holiday in Southern California. The whole holiday was just a really cool trip with the little team – road-trippin’ in the middle of the night from SF to LA, arriving (and surprising the kids) at Lego Land. A crazy day of rides and carpets that fart (yep) followed by a relaxing few days surfing on longboards at Dana Point beach.

Last year the highlight of hanging at the beach was the tacos and beer we ate at the beachside diner at lunchtime. Like, what holiday doesn’t need tacos and beer (and swiping more than a few of the kids’ fries) on the beach? Our own personal heaven.

But, it was not to be this year. A narrowly avoided tantrum (hint: not the kids) walked us over the road to our introduction to poke. We’ve only really had supermarket stuff before, and just hadn’t really got on the poke train. But hello, hello. A saucier, dog’s breakfast of sushi would be one way to describe it. Our new fave way to have fish would be another.

Here’s what we’ve been reconstructing at home with the kingfish we bought back frozen from New Zealand…

Brown rice – lay this down on the bottom of your bowl.

Avocado slices + seaweed salad – pop these on the side of the bowl. TJ’s 99 cent avocados mean I’m never short of an avo, and I pick up some seaweed salad at the supermarket sushi bar on the day, feeling good that I’m getting my serving of seaweed? (I’m just sure this is somehow good for me).

In a bowl put chopped spring onions, cucumber, jalapeno and coriander. And your fish. Sliced raw finely is how I prefer it rather than the usual poke chunks.

Now it’s time for sauces. Add some soy sauce (a good splosh), and some chilli mayo (I mix a ratio of 2/3 Vegenaise : 1/3 Gochujang – that’s the Korean fermented pepper paste.) Mix up all the goodness.

And the flourish…sprinkle over some sesame seeds and fukakakme (or sliced seaweed). Enjoy.

Kid’s riff. The kids aren’t so in love, so their version is like the deconstructed, battered version. Crumbed fish, rice, avo slices, cucumber slices. Still a great meal, and no extra faff for Mum. Result.